First steps for beginners

Want to learn the ukulele?

Great! You found the right place to start your Uke day! If you’re 100% new to the world of Ukuleles, you’re probably a bit lost and don’t know where to start.

If you are looking for information to buy a ukulele, our guide to buy your first uke will help. Otherwise, a good idea is to read some basic stuff about your instrument.

For those who can’t wait, don’t miss our first Steps tutorial, it’s an absolute prerequisite. You shouldn’t dive any further into the website unless you read this article. And ff you already know all the basics for beginners, why don’t you take some Music Theory classes? It’s always a good thing to know how music works.

You’ll find below links to must-know lessons. There are several additional courses listed in the different categories.

Must-know Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele basics

Learn to Play for beginners

Music Theory

Guides and Tips


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