Music Theory

Introduction to the world of music theory: basic concepts, nomenclature, chord formation, scales. Understanding how these operate may be useful on your journey with the ukulele.

Music Nomenclature

Music Nomenclature

Even though you are new to this, and the ukulele is your first instrument, I guess you know that music is formed by a succession of notes, as if they were letters forming a text. In western culture, this musical “alphabet” is made of 12 notes. Yes, you heard me well, from J.S Bach to Iron Maiden, it’s all based on 12 unique notes. We can trot these notes out, thanks to Mary Poppins : C, D, E, F, G, A, B Wait a minute – you’re probably asking “Didn’t you say 12 notes? I only see 7 here…” That’s right. What Julie Andrews used to sing was actually a C major scale, formed by 7 notes (like all major scales, and many other scales). These seven notes are also known as the natural notes. Actually, what’s missing is a series of notes placed in between some of them. This[…]

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